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Article: 'Metallic v/s Floral' two festive looks to master this season- by SootiDhaage

'Metallic v/s Floral' two festive looks to master this season- by SootiDhaage

Meet the dynamic sister duo who live across the globe juggling corporate lives and their supercool photoblog @sooti.dhaage!

Vineeta and Namrata are sisters based out of Egypt and Mumbai respectively who bring out their creative side, highlighting the appeal of everyday slow dressing with a visual romance of images on their Instagram.

‘You inspire the fashion world with your effortlessly dreamy pictures in slow fashion while reflecting serious sister goals! How do you do it all?

“Since childhood, we have loved dressing up and creating new visions out of our existing wardrobes.

We look a lot alike and so do our fashion choices! Hence, we put our heads together and created this account to share our love for Indian craft and homegrown brands that advocate slow fashion! It’s also an amazing way to keep connected and has made our bond only stronger. We live continents apart and hence meet at least 3-4 times a year in different locations all over the globe, it's fun.

‘We have loved seeing you grow, how do you feel about NOMADSOOTIDHAAGE?’

"What you see on our page is how we dress up in real life, in slow fashion. We believe in buying less and making more out of it. Our thought process aligns with that of Nomad.

Repurpose, reuse, create.

Nomad’s repurposed flowers and minimal silhouettes make it possible to create many looks and moods with any piece! Nomad is a postcard of joyful blooms, rich Indian colors, and old-school jewelry! Everything we love in one place!

You have picked two looks from Nomad, floral and festive. How do you suggest these be worked upon this season?

“White has always been my color and the vivid blooms, each with a unique identity appliqued on the soft saree, simply won my heart,” Says Namrata.

“Blue of this dress was so enticing, especially with the lively flowers.” Vineeta chimes in on the interview call.

“These looked like comfort vacay outfits paired with poetic dressing. Hence we decided to photograph it in the infinite landscapes of Egypt. The skin-friendly buttery fabric and the freedom these floral festive garments allow your body is something that will keep making us style these in different ways for different celebrations.”

“The metallic sarees are one festive look we’ll vouch for any time! Paired with the vintage Naani’ki, these are surreal. Our heads were reeling with memories of our grannies wearing these pieces. And we loved every bit of this nostalgia!

These are classic sarees that will see many many seasons and that’s what we love about a garment. It’s the feasibility of being able to be forever in fashion”.


“The contemporary hues of these sarees in charcoal and powder blue, we feel in sync with the modern festive dressing, while the handwoven chanderi takes us close to our cause of slow fashion! A total win-win!”

“We believe in dopamine dressing, wearing clothes to pick up your mood. And Nomad brings about that perfectly with its bohemian take on Indian craft and reimagining the vintage in a contemporary way while keeping the romance alive."

Dopamine dressing….ahan! Now that is something we can relate with seeing the sister-duo shine in our handcrafted apparel and Naani’ki, giving us looks to try for the season!

The Floral Frenzy look includes:

  1. Nursery Romance Applique Chanderi Saree
  2. Mavi Blue Applique Chanderi Dress

The Metallic Affair includes:

  1. Midnight Charcoal Tissue Chanderi Saree
  2. Snowdrop Tissue Chanderi Saree

Naani'ki Jewelry:

  1. Daiba Handmade Silver Necklace
  2. Saaru Ring
  3. Sunanda Bracelet
  4. Naseera Earrings

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