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Gangu Red Chintz BlouseGangu Red Chintz Blouse
Gangu Red Chintz Blouse Sale priceRs. 4,800.00
Shubho Ivory BlouseShubho Ivory Blouse
Shubho Ivory Blouse Sale priceRs. 8,200.00
Asal Pink Tissue BlouseAsal Pink Tissue Blouse
Asal Pink Tissue Blouse Sale priceRs. 7,250.00
Mor Mashru BlouseMor Mashru Blouse
Mor Mashru Blouse Sale priceRs. 8,400.00
Tahevara Textured Multicolor Crop TopTahevara Textured Multicolor Crop Top
Kangana Yellow BlouseKangana Yellow Blouse
Kangana Yellow Blouse Sale priceRs. 7,000.00
Winca Floral BlouseWinca Floral Blouse
Winca Floral Blouse Sale priceRs. 14,900.00
Zinnia Floral Applique BlouseZinnia Floral Applique Blouse
Zinnia Floral Applique Blouse Sale priceRs. 16,900.00
Raspberry Mashru BlouseRaspberry Mashru Blouse
Raspberry Mashru Blouse Sale priceRs. 9,400.00
Pomelo Mashru BlousePomelo Mashru Blouse
Pomelo Mashru Blouse Sale priceRs. 8,400.00
Barara Strip BlouseBarara Strip Blouse
Barara Strip Blouse Sale priceRs. 8,600.00
Limited EditionBagula Flower BlouseBagula Flower Blouse
Bagula Flower Blouse Sale priceRs. 42,000.00
Saaras Chanderi BlouseSaaras Chanderi Blouse
Saaras Chanderi Blouse Sale priceRs. 7,000.00
Tara Black Cheent BlouseTara Black Cheent Blouse
Tara Black Cheent Blouse Sale priceRs. 3,400.00

“A dream within a dream.”

Such is the interpretation of the colors and various cuts that NOMAD presents in ready to wear blouses.

Crisp straight shirts, backless cholis, rabari angarkhas, three-fourth sleeve tops and short & long kurtis, there is a top for every taste. While chintz is playful, solid tissue chanderi makes for classic chanderi blouses to pair with your favorite sarees and the embellished ones let the festive soul dress up to their hearts fill!

Handwoven fabrics are used to keep all our processes minimal and sustainable. Going back to the loom and the art of slow stitching by tailors that have this art running in their very nerves, we are making bespoke blouses that let you reflect your style through our craft.

Hand-stitched as par the Indian heritage of bespoke tailoring, these tops ensure that the fit and form is perfect for you. From flirty sweetheart to a classic V, from round to boat neck, from deep to collars, the varying necklines invite nostalgia of going to darzi ki dukan and selecting your favourite from the look book!

Just like old-school tailoring, these can be customised in size for you to make it more personal.

Techniques of appliqué and embroidery with flowers add the classic Nomad touch that truly inspires the bohemian soul to be as they are, free and joyous. The emotive language of these blouses reflects the rural Indian way of dressing, effortless and expressive to the T.