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Ready to ShipDikri Shoe CharmsDikri Shoe Charms
Dikri Shoe Charms Sale price3.600,00 Rs.
Ready to ShipDodi Shoe CharmsDodi Shoe Charms
Dodi Shoe Charms Sale price3.600,00 Rs.
Ready to ShipSunflower Handmade Shoe CharmsSunflower Handmade Shoe Charms
Sunflower Handmade Shoe Charms Sale price1.580,00 Rs.
Ready to ShipBarn Handmade Shoe CharmsBarn Handmade Shoe Charms
Barn Handmade Shoe Charms Sale price2.400,00 Rs.
Ready to ShipZumba Handmade Shoe Lace CharmsZumba Handmade Shoe Lace Charms
Zumba Handmade Shoe Lace Charms Sale price1.980,00 Rs.
Ready to ShipHip-Hop Handmade Shoe CharmsHip-Hop Handmade Shoe Charms
Hip-Hop Handmade Shoe Charms Sale price2.600,00 Rs.
Ready to ShipSalsa Handmade Shoe Lace CharmsSalsa Handmade Shoe Lace Charms
Ready to ShipCha Cha Cha Handmade Shoe CharmsCha Cha Cha Handmade Shoe Charms

We got literal when we said we are all for bohemia when we made these shoelace charms! Creative to the core, these up cycled shoe tie-ups are Nomad’s unique take on dressing up your shoes. After all don’t our feet deserve some TLC? Shoes are how are feet dress, rest and experience beauty.
So, we made these very bohemian shoelaces with add-ons for the adventurous soul. The Nomad that loves to travel and always packs a pair of sneakers on any trip.

With detachable handmade flowers, whimsical creatures such as caterpillars and dragonflies from the woods, cutesy buttons, hand-embroidered motifs & more, you can get as creative as you want in dressing your shoes. Use all at once or a few, make your own visuals with these slow made trinkets and delight your inner child. A novel concept of revamping your most loved shoes, these nomad shoelace accessories are all about joy.

A small wonder to add to your shoe rack, are the most innovative gift for your wanderer friend. Add a twist to your old shoes and restyle them with a traveller’s want for nomadic aesthetics. Treat your shoes and your heart if we might say with these delicious ties that leave one wanting for more! Shop now for your favourite pair of footwear or gift your loved one a unique collectible!