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Ghagra-Choli Sets

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Baghbana Blue Mulberry Silk Skirt Blouse & Dupatta SetBaghbana Blue Mulberry Silk Skirt Blouse & Dupatta Set
Baeri Pink Ghagra, Blouse & Dupatta setBaeri Pink Ghagra, Blouse & Dupatta set
Chitrakoot Gold Ghagra, Blouse, Dupatta setChitrakoot Gold Ghagra, Blouse, Dupatta set
Gonda Grey Ghagra, Blouse, Dupatta setGonda Grey Ghagra, Blouse, Dupatta set
Deoria Ivory Ghagra, Blouse & Dupatta setDeoria Ivory Ghagra, Blouse & Dupatta set
Chameli Red Blouse Petticoat SetChameli Red Blouse Petticoat Set
Chameli Red Blouse Petticoat Set Sale priceRs. 8,900.00
Ratani Skirt Blouse & Dupatta SetRatani Skirt Blouse & Dupatta Set
Bahara Skirt Blouse SetBahara Skirt Blouse Set
Bahara Skirt Blouse Set Sale priceRs. 12,800.00
Sita Skirt Blouse Dupatta SetSita Skirt Blouse Dupatta Set
Sita Skirt Blouse Dupatta Set Sale priceRs. 35,500.00
Kumari Green Chanderi Skirt Blouse & Dupatta SetKumari Green Chanderi Skirt Blouse & Dupatta Set
Cauvery Cotton Skirt Blouse Dupatta SetCauvery Cotton Skirt Blouse Dupatta Set
Tapti Cotton Skirt Dupatta SetTapti Cotton Skirt Dupatta Set
Tapti Cotton Skirt Dupatta Set Sale priceRs. 11,000.00
Ready to ShipKoyna Black Skirt Dupatta SetKoyna Black Skirt Dupatta Set
Koyna Black Skirt Dupatta Set Sale priceRs. 12,780.00
Juvari Cotton Skirt Blouse SetJuvari Cotton Skirt Blouse Set
Juvari Cotton Skirt Blouse Set Sale priceRs. 11,300.00
Alta Red Mulberry Silk Skirt Blouse & Dupatta SetAlta Red Mulberry Silk Skirt Blouse & Dupatta Set

A classic fashion staple, Co-Ords are an integral part of the modern wardrobe.

From colour blocking hand spun silk sets such as Nalanda and Gond to bohemian prints in the Sonder and Goya sets, these are here to freshen up the easy dressing. The handmade tissue flowers appliquéd on Reza, Ivory and Mahna sets are a wonder to look at and joy to wear! 

Be it a WFH zoom meeting, lounging about in style or dinner with your dearest, the basic co-ords in varied colour palette cater to all needs of all women who live to dress up everyday! The organised you has nothing to worry with the minimal, sleek cuts of these garments that are as smart as you want to dress up. 

Nomad’s love for sustainable craft comes to the fore with this slow & skillfully hand-tailored attire. From cutting patterns to minimal stitching, the design and process of these co-ordinate sets is such that no wastage occurs. Happy to announce that these comfortable to the bare skin garments are also feel-good for the heart because of their mindful making.

With subtle enhancements such as a rose here or a leaf there, handmade detachable floral buttons, various kinds of stitches such as the cutesy blanket stitches on pockets or medieval ruffles on the sleeves, it’s all about minute details that adds personality to these!

The Nomad fabric is straight out of the loom, handwoven to add more life and many seasons to it. Minimally processed and maximally expressive, cotton chanderis, cottons, silks and tissue chanderis sourced directly from weavers across the country are used to uplift the eco-conscious weaver community being shadowed by fast fashion. Moreover these fabrics are as skin friendly as it gets, lightweight, breezy and buttery soft! 

Pairing these chanderi kurtas online with dupattas for an elaborate occasion or layering these with kotis for a snug day is a cool way to go about. Slipping into sneakers or a pair of kolhapuris keeps you high on comfort while you hustle up without a fuss.
Be it anything, any occasion, we bet you’ll be looking for excuses to wear these more often for they are that comfortable and classy!