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Who We are

Hello! Welcome to this bohemian at heart universe where we create with kindness and grow together in harmony as we make. Imagine and wonder with us as you browse through a selection of joyful creations that lets you interact with raw nature in their aesthetics and handmade origin.

Delight your heart by taking our goods home or converse with us to share how they make you feel. Together let us create a space that nurtures, strengthens and gives back to the community.

Meet the artist

I am Harshita Gautam, the artist behind Nomad. It all started as a personal dream a decade ago, which is now sharing stories that belong to each one of us.

"I take my inspiration from India that lives in the villages. One that is not only colourful & celebratory but also lives in harmony with nature".

People of Nomad

We are an ecosystem of weavers, embroiderers, tailors, dyers, and various other niche artists who find their life purpose in creating handmade experiences to last.

"The thread & the needle are our slaves & move whichever way we command. We plunge into the cloth deftly & emerge victorious, having created the most beautiful vision ever! When we get too absorbed in the sea of fabrics and beads, we sometimes hum our favorite tunes. And when the day winds up, we go back to our homes, to our husbands, children, parents and pets."

Everyday is a good day at Nomad!

What is Naani'Ki

From the dusty & crowded bylanes of rural Uttar Pradesh come Naani'ki tales. Each story relives a bygone era & nudges you back to the days you’ve left far behind. The paraphernalia that formed an inseparable part of our existence now becomes the token that is inserted in the time machine & the memories come flooding out. With generations of expertise, we wish to evoke nostalgic sentiments with the sacrosanct art of making and wearing jewellery. Naaniki is an initiative towards craft revival of Pattra work.

A centuries old craft, it reflects an era that celebrated craftsmanship & rich cultural heritage.

The Nomad Creation

The Nomad creation is fresh, nature inspired and energetic. It is purely handmade for a dose of dopamine dressing. Hints of bohemia lend it a unique quality that affects the taker with its infectious happiness too. The Nomad product revives the old school charm of up-cycled accessories, decorative appliqué art, bohemian skirts and jewels that evoke nostalgia.

Our minimal, clean and beautiful packaging makes our keepsakes a conversation starter.


We at Nomad are all about storytelling through our craft. We want to converse with the community who love handmade & believe in slow and mindful consumption

We are high on vibrant energy, and we want to add ‘feel good’ things to closets, dressing tables and homes that foster warm conversations and honest relationships.

We want to take life as is and make so much more out of it.