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Naani'ki Gold Jewelry

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Indali Gold NecklaceIndali Gold Necklace
Indali Gold Necklace Sale priceFrom 342.108,00 Rs.
Sabeena Gold EarringsSabeena Gold Earrings
Sabeena Gold Earrings Sale priceFrom 146.222,00 Rs.
Morni Gold MangtikkaMorni Gold Mangtikka
Morni Gold Mangtikka Sale priceFrom 74.354,00 Rs.
Naseera Gold EarringsNaseera Gold Earrings
Naseera Gold Earrings Sale priceFrom 229.287,00 Rs.
Gulband Gold NecklaceGulband Gold Necklace
Gulband Gold Necklace Sale priceFrom 142.945,00 Rs.
Kaliha Gold EarringsKaliha Gold Earrings
Kaliha Gold Earrings Sale priceFrom 33.448,00 Rs.
Dola Gold EarringsDola Gold Earrings
Dola Gold Earrings Sale priceFrom 118.876,00 Rs.
Dola Gold RingDola Gold Ring
Dola Gold Ring Sale priceFrom 68.365,00 Rs.
Rani Haar Gold NecklaceRani Haar Gold Necklace
Rani Haar Gold Necklace Sale priceFrom 613.980,00 Rs.
Raniya Gold EarringsRaniya Gold Earrings
Raniya Gold Earrings Sale priceFrom 136.504,00 Rs.
Dania Gold MangtikkaDania Gold Mangtikka
Dania Gold Mangtikka Sale priceFrom 70.625,00 Rs.

Naani’ki jewellery is our heartfelt and handmade offering to you. For years we have been reviving the pattra craft by reimagining it contemporarily with silver. We cannot contain our hearts as we share this incredible collection of gold pieces handcrafted in 18 karat & 22 karat purity.

Anticipated since long, it is an endeavour filled with pride and love for the art of pattra work.

Turning 10 is a benchmark that fills our hearts with emotion. And we want to celebrate it with gold! Gold as a metal asks for intention, thought and a pause. A pause for the maker, the seller and the buyer.

Dive in the old world times with immaculate craftsmanship and shining jewels.