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Article: What's in The Name

What's in The Name

What’s in the name? one might ask, just as Shakespeare did centuries ago!
We say a name is the most personal thing attached with humans, pets, homes, books, even a dress! We name things when we get involved with them at the level of the heart. That’s what we are doing this spring as we curate a collection that brings simpler joys starting with names. We want emotions to surface the very moment you interact with them. With an ease to converse and a tease to tickle, we have tried to bring in expressions that relaxes the mind and port us to a memory or an imagination.

With new season, new beginnings are in motion, and we too are taking a cue from our past experiences of toying with words to see a story form. A story that continues to live on in many wardrobes stirring playful emotions. This time, we reimagined our take on the process of naming our products from intense phonetics to stimulating human sentiments. Though we create each piece with the same gusto and labor of love, with this line we invite the humor of spring into our merch via an emotive language. An experiment that makes a few eyebrows raise, and a few lips curve into a knowing smile.

A snippet is added by each person involved in this journey as it becomes a fun-filled saga leaving anecdotes in its wake. The voyage from the making to the wearing of an attire becomes a story forever in motion, always in making.
Just the other day amidst the cacophony of everyone meeting their deadlines for “Dil se Jawaan” the first collection of the year; Ayesha shouted with her brows scrunched from third floor, “Hosh Udati saree kahan hai!!!”.Everyone was in giggles including herself as the saree climbed up merrily in the pulley.
The way just the name of a garment to be checked for quality control diffused an intense moment! So much is in a name, wouldn’t you agree? It made everyone halt their work, be it the whirring of silai machines, rhythmic motion of needles stitching together flowers, several hands enhancing the scallops of the very hosh udati saree or our Masterji turning red at this almost shocking name to his ears!

And this is just the beginning, the story will build on when ‘You’ see our apparel that calls for a giggle, a smile or a smirk. It will be a dialogue of emotions when you call us up and talk about what struck you when you came across “Dil se Jawaan”. Did it make you pause & wonder? Did it make your heart smile? Did it amuse you? We can only imagine the infinite narratives in anticipation of hearing stories that are a continuation of our own tale. An invitation to celebrate the human emotions of laughter, joy, desire and many more.

From the makers to the takers and all the creators in between, we believe when the Khoob Sharmati saree changes hands, hearts will definitely pause and smile! Hai na?

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