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Ready to ShipSasya Leafy NecklaceSasya Leafy Necklace
Sasya Leafy Necklace Sale priceRs. 5,400.00
Ready to ShipRohira Floral NecklaceRohira Floral Necklace
Rohira Floral Necklace Sale priceRs. 4,600.00
Ready to ShipMiya Pink Rose Bead NecklaceMiya Pink Rose Bead Necklace
Miya Pink Rose Bead Necklace Sale priceRs. 3,400.00
Ready to ShipMaya NecklaceMaya Necklace
Maya Necklace Sale priceRs. 5,400.00
Ready to ShipMarigold Long Floral NecklaceMarigold Long Floral Necklace
Marigold Long Floral Necklace Sale priceRs. 5,400.00
Ready to ShipLopa Tulsi Bead NecklaceLopa Tulsi Bead Necklace
Lopa Tulsi Bead Necklace Sale priceRs. 4,980.00
Ready to ShipKund Pushp Floral NecklaceKund Pushp Floral Necklace
Kund Pushp Floral Necklace Sale priceRs. 4,500.00
Ready to ShipJoshua Floral NecklaceJoshua Floral Necklace
Joshua Floral Necklace Sale priceRs. 4,980.00
Ready to ShipColorado Handmade NeckpieceColorado Handmade Neckpiece
Colorado Handmade Neckpiece Sale priceRs. 5,800.00
Ready to ShipBulbul NecklaceBulbul Necklace
Bulbul Necklace Sale priceRs. 4,700.00
Ready to ShipBodil Floral Bead NecklaceBodil Floral Bead Necklace
Bodil Floral Bead Necklace Sale priceRs. 5,200.00
Ready to ShipBalsam Floral NecklaceBalsam Floral Necklace
Balsam Floral Necklace Sale priceRs. 3,500.00
Ready to ShipAboli Floral NecklaceAboli Floral Necklace
Aboli Floral Necklace Sale priceRs. 4,600.00

Welcome to Diaries of Nomad's Silver Rani Haar, floral necklace Collection! Explore our exquisite range of silver necklaces, floral necklace that capture the elegance and charm of traditional Indian jewelry. Our collection features a variety of Rani Haar necklaces and antique-inspired silver necklaces, each handcrafted to perfection for those seeking timeless beauty.

Timeless Elegance

Our Antique Silver Necklace Collection embodies timeless elegance that transcends trends. Each necklace is meticulously crafted to reflect the regal allure of traditional Indian jewelry. Whether you're attending a wedding, celebrating a special occasion, or simply looking to add a touch of grandeur to your ensemble, our collection offers stunning options that will make you feel like royalty.

Sterling Silver Craftsmanship

We use only high-quality sterling silver in our necklaces, ensuring durability and a lustrous finish. Our skilled artisans employ traditional techniques to create intricate designs and meticulously set stones, resulting in necklaces that showcase the beauty of silver in all its glory. With proper care, these sterling silver necklaces will remain cherished heirlooms for generations to come.

Antique-Inspired Designs of Silver Necklace Online

Our Antique Silver necklace collection pays homage to the exquisite designs of bygone eras. These necklaces feature intricate patterns, filigree work, and oxidized finishes that give them a vintage appeal. Each piece is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of antique jewellery, allowing you to embrace the charm and elegance of the past while making a statement in the present.

Rani Haar: The Queen of Necklaces

Indulge in the royal splendor of our Rani Haar necklaces. Traditionally worn by Indian queens and princesses, these long, elaborate necklaces are designed to make a grand statement. Our Silver Necklace online collection offers a range of Rani Haar necklaces, floral necklaces. Adorn yourself with these majestic necklaces and channel your inner queen.

Shop Silver Necklace Online

At Diaries of Nomad, we believe in providing our customers with exceptional quality and customer service. Our Antique necklace collection offers a curated selection of necklaces that celebrate the beauty of silver and the rich heritage of Indian jewelry. Shop our collection online and explore the timeless elegance and grandeur of these exquisite pieces.

Visit our Silver necklace and floral necklace collection today and embrace the allure of Silver Rani Haar, Antique silver necklaces and floral necklaces that will add a touch of royalty to your jewelry collection!