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Article: 9 Power Reasons to Shop Handmade!

9 Power Reasons to Shop Handmade!

“Is Neha’s order ready, please remember to ship it today Ayesha!”
“We have to add blue leaves to the yellow gajra for Sunita Madam from Kanpur.”

An eventful scenario of customisations and rushed orders for a wedding or a naming ceremony is our everyday story.

We ‘home-grown brands’ take pride in creating bespoke products for people who believe in mindful living. Collectively we, you who wear and us who make, extend the joy of the handmade inspired by ages-old rituals of sustainability. For us, less is more.

And then, don’t we all love giving and receiving presents touched with a personalized gesture? Curating homes to our taste with every nook and cranny being our reflection, adding little parts of our lives in photo frames, slipping in the last moment love notes in flowers for our loved ones. We love making our lives intimate, more personal by all means.

Shopping for self or others is a huge part of our lives. When done mindfully, it can be a shared experience that is more than just an act of feeling abundant.

Buying local and organic is one way to be conscious.

Here is the list of 9 power reasons to feel good about your purchase from a handmade brand:

  1. Buy to support local artisans: you contribute directly to the livelihood of artisans who create. With small-scale production, their presence is seen & felt more heartedly & thus, they benefit effectively.
  2. Cheers young entrepreneurs & their new-age visions: Home-grown businesses are founded on the dreams of young individuals who risk it all for their passion. The ping-tring of each notification indicating a new order makes every team member a reason to keep going strong on their journey.
  3. Transparency in one-on-one interaction: You know where you are putting your money and who benefits from it. Being a humble set-up, feedbacks and suggestions are incorporated faster thus making the experience of buying a satisfied one.
  4. A long-lived experience and pocket-friendly: It invites the concept of less is more to your wardrobes. Unlike short-lived ness of fast purchases it makes the shopping experience a prolonged anticipatory one. From the time you shop till the time you receive, its romance lingers curbing the desires of instinctive shopping and saving you from splurges.
  5. Preserving art and handicraft: Holding on to heritage is one of the essences of these brands and you serve directly to this cause. From the sourcing to the artisans, their business is about celebrating local art and community.
  6. Earth Friendly: A handmade purchase is sustainable for the Earth. Yay! Since what you buy is manufactured locally with local resources, it saves the transportation of thousands of miles and the pollution caused by mass-production of fast fashion. A win-win for the mindful shopper and the green hearter!
  7. A couture shopping experience: It provides an individualistic shopping experience like that of fancy couture. The irresistible charm of wearing something that no one in the world has is tickling for the sartorial inner us. No two products of even the same design are identical when handmade, keeping your shopping exclusive.
  8. You, the brand ambassador: In endorsing such brands you reflect your consciousness for the planet and spread their message. Their growth is your growth and vice versa. The value of your purchase grows with their journey while their flavour is noticed wherever you wear it, since it's original and made in limited numbers.
  9. Made with love by real people: The journey of a handmade piece involves many hands and hearts coming together. The orders are foremost mentioned by names rather than numbers, imparting it a personal touch to its very core. You don’t buy a nameless product, you invest in long-lasting pieces that are made by real people with love.

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