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Article: How We Reached The 100k Milestone!

How We Reached The 100k Milestone!

A hundred thousand hugs for the hundred thousand hearts that have stepped beside us and walked us here.


Celebrating this milestone we reflect upon and process the mesmerizing venture that began with one and is at one lakh today. Little did we know when we ironed, folded and shipped our first product, that 8 years hence we'll be overjoyed seeing our community reach this huge huge huge number.

Wasn't it just a moment ago when the Nomad saga started to unfold with our first post on Instagram. Awestruck we thank social media for being the free platform that has been miraculous for a home grown brand like us. Who could have thought prior to the hashtag era that someone sitting across the globe could connect to us with the speed of thought itself? A blink and we talk! Yay!!!


We wrote, drew, cut, sewed, created, sang, photographed, modelled, digitalised, danced even. It's bewildering when one thinks of the magic of it all..... How someone in one corner of the world ideates something, is brought to life by artisans and tickled by product images someone gifts it to themselves.


We realised along these years that the journey of any organisation isn't only their's but of everyone that has connected in one way or the other! It becomes a story joined by many hands, from the creator to the wearer and everyone in between.

All of this boils down to instincts and trust, such raw human emotions!


Instagram has voiced our expressions whether in the form of our happy products or the dialogues we tried to make. What's more is we were able to communicate with each one of you who responded to our emotions at the blink of a cursor.

If that isn't magic, what is?? Like a ripple effect with each post we learnt what leaves it's mark and what not. What engages your hearts and what doesn't. And hence thought became action, action a journey in perpetual motion.


We learnt how content becomes a gateway for a quick happy moment in the middle of the day. We strived to add to your lives and ours by creating what might touch people in more ways than one.


"Be it the dozens of hands that continually hand crafted our products, the tech support, the content creating team or the management, each one at Nomad simply put their all into creating each merch. Every single time all of us watched the reactions pour in with bated breaths!"


We worked in freedom and in freedom we found you, embracing our creations from the Rabari ghaghra to pyaari gudiya to the millions of flowers we made. We are thankful towards each one of you who has been a part of our journey and will continue to be so.



"We heart you just as you did with each like, share or comment that led us towards finding our path in this ever evolving journey."

When we hobbled, you nudged us to walk further. If we struggled, we found strength in your conversations with us. You were there in the highs and lows and together we will go miles and milestones. While our artists created art, it's you who has always been our constant muse.

Celebrating the art, the artisans, the wearer, the creator and everyone associated with it,

Thank you dear nomads!


Harshita Gautam

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