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Article: How to take care of your Naani’ki jewellery?

How to take care of your Naani’ki jewellery?

We have all gone back in time to a memory or a place or a person while putting on a pair of balis from nani or tightening the clasps of those anklets- a gift to cherish from a loved one.

These memory-keepers often get dull with years of changing hands and stories. Exposure to dirt, sweat, climatic conditions, that quick irresistible spray of Chanel or in fact even air-moisture acts unfavourably with our shimmery baubles.

As valuable as these are sentimentally so should be their upkeep by us.

All of us have it in the back of our minds to take a day out and check our jewels for dust, dents or any retouching that needs to be done. Oh how relieved the very thought of it makes us! But most us lazy bums hardly act on the thought!

For this stress busting exercise we did our research, gathered information from seasoned jewellers, talked with jewellery lovers and finally curated a couple tricks to clean and store your favorite pieces in their best sparkle!

How to clean your silver jewelry?

  • Baking Soda is effective in removing strong tarnishes. In a ratio of 1:3 make a paste of water and baking soda, wet the jewel with a damp cloth and apply the paste on it to the crevices. Keep it for a couple seconds and wipe off with the cloth. Rinse under water and dry it well before storing.
  • Toothpaste (white) can be applied on the tarnished area and left for a minute or so. Wipe it off with a soft cloth piece and rinse. Dry it.
  • Soap is an old school yet effective method. Wet a soft cotton cloth in sudsy solution of warm water and gentle soap and clean the piece with it properly. Rinse under water and dry it. For all your gold polished pieces specifically use this technique only.

P.S. Take care that the pieces are dried well. Air dry, keep under a fan or dry with your hair-drier for a couple seconds at minimal heat settings.

You can buff the clean pieces to sparkle with a lint free soft cotton cloth. Store these back with love and enjoy gleaming pieces!

NOW…… pick a day, lay all those safely kept valuables on a tray, play some soothing music and seat yourself in the favourite corner of your house with all the required material.

We strongly recommend involving a loved one in this ASMR activity so you can share some stories that come free with these memory keepers. We can already imagine stolen glances with your partner reminding you of how that ring came to be on your finger or the dreamy date that involved a sparkling gift…and so on and on…

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