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Article: With Love Nilma!

With Love Nilma!

Chancing upon Nilma’s profile was serendipity. What with Nomad’s love for flowers, we felt we found a kindred spirit.

Every post of hers kept us hooked for the sheer joy of seeing beauty in arrangement with flowers and nature.

Talking to her to know her story and be a small part of her journey we discovered that our first Naani’ki shoot was produced by her and the knowledge only confirmed our being kindred spirits.

Nilma is a creator!

That’s how we can describe her best! Intrigued by her shyness with words but boldness in expression through her art, made us want to share her story with everyone. So here’s her journey in her very words!

(Nilma loves eccentricity and here is seen in our Kaya Tissue Chanderi Kaftaan

“For 5 years I hopped across the world for shoot productions and experienced multiple art & cultures that enriched me aesthetically.

After years of designing & directing shoots I followed my gut feeling and started my own wedding & event designing boutique by the name ‘WITH LOVE NILMA’”.

Me and Abhineet, my husband, are building our life around our two dogs, evening tea at our terrace overlooking the sunset and our respective professions that are a reflection of our passions.

I love the emotive language of flowers and hence work with them to bring out the sentiment of life.

We started building our home 5 years back. Every holiday we took or cafe we went to, we would take pictures of the setting we liked. We dedicated a WhatsApp group of the two of us where we sent each other photos of things/designs we wanted in our dream home.

After a decade of living in different spaces I craved for a space that was me, that was all about the sun, plants and freedom to move for my doggos.

And covid strengthened this desire to live in harmony with my home so we shifted last year into our almost happy home.”

“Life for me is all about being true to oneself and that makes me live every moment in joy and peace.”

Once we had her story in her minimal words with maximal meaning, we played a quick round of rapid fire!

Q. Who is your celebrity crush?
Jason Momoa, Chris Hemsworth, Madhavan!

Q. What’s your favorite holiday?
Deepavali (minus all the noise and crackers). It’s so beautiful with all the lights and glitter everywhere.

Q. How would someone get your special attention? 
If that someone has flowers in one hand and a furry friend by their side while standing on a vintage ceramic tiled floor. I think that’s how my husband has made these five years go by in a moment!

Q. What has been your best/worst date? 
I don’t think I can categorise but the most memorable one is my first date with my husband. We met at this pub in Bangalore named ‘Toit’. We talked and laughed our butts out literally that night! Post that date we were inseparable and that fluttery feeling still remains each time I revisit that memory!

Q. What would you change your name to? 
Haven’t thought about it. Quite content with my current name as it is kind of a conversation starter!
P.S. he loves it so much I can’t even think of anything else I would like to be called by.

(Nilma loved the Midnight Tissue Chanderi Saree and paired it up with our vintage inspire Padma set)


Q. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Dirty feet, snobs, people unkind to service/ hospitality staff & smoking!

Q. Bucket list place to visit?

Q. What’s your annoying habit? 
I shake my feet while sitting idle and it annoys the hell out of people sitting around.

Q. Most interesting thing you have seen/read this week? 
My current read. ‘Coromandel’ by Charles Allen.

Q. Best compliment you receive?
That I am extremely patient! I think my profession of creating perfect looking visions has helped me be so!

Q. All time favourite watch? 
Up :)

Q. Your pictures in Nomad show your varied dressing sense. Which look you liked most? 
Loved the saree :)

Q. Which Nomad product are you currently eyeing? 
A Naani’ki set looks enticing to me!
Vintage, neat and perfect!

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